The Blush Basics

This week's big deal takes things back to the Blush Basics.

When Blush opened Makeup was what the store was all about. From weddings to events, television and film Blush offered Regina a new boutique experience while introducing many different lines and brands of makeup and skincare.

In 2015 Blush's hair team changed and expanded and with it we introduced Regina to the now popular line R&Co.

Moving over to 13th has expanded our service space for both makeup and hair as well as introducing more services to our menu.

So this week in honor of where we've come from and looking forward to where we're headed we are offering our Makeup Brush's and sponges at Buy One Get One 50% as well as all of our R&Co products at Buy One Get One 50%!

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Blush Beauty Bar

3126 13th Ave Regina, SK S4T1P2   


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