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Blush Beauty Bar commerice and corporate services

Corporate & Commercial

Looking to get new headshots for your office, updated headshots for yourself or doing promotional work through a photoshoot or film.  Elevate the quality of the finished project with Professional Makeup and Hair for your staff or talent. 

We provide experienced Professional Makeup and Hair services for any corporate project.  

Please message us for more details and/or quotes.

Saskatchewan Roughriders
TSN Sportscast
Fitness Commerical Shoot

What Others Say

“Krista Stevenson has been my first call for at least a decade when I'm directing a commercial or corporate video.  She's very personable and knowledgable.  I've had her work with politicians, children, non-actors, and people with allergies.  She's able to step up to any challenge.


Krista has taken the time to answer questions for me at any point in preproduction or development, whether I had concerns about hairstyles, certain complexions or how to deal with COVID-19.


Anytime I've needed additional crew in her department, or on the rare occasion when she's unavailable, Krista has been able to make sure the right people were there to help out.”


Cary Ciesielski


Twisted Pair Productions

."Working with Krista on countless video projects over the years has been an absolute pleasure. Whether it's in a studio setting or on some remote outdoor location, it has been so helpful to not have a single worry about hair and makeup being exactly what we need. Our clients—with a great eye for such things—always feel the same way too about having her on set.

We have also been lucky to have Krista's business partner and fellow artist, Erica, on our team for a few recent projects with all the same great results.

Planning to work with them both again and again in the future."

Randy Shumay
Partner/Supervising Producer
Java Post Production



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