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A rich, organic formula created for light to medium coverage imparting a soft satin finish that lasts.Award-winning, this vegan foundation is made with certified organic ingredients as well as low heavy metal, ethically mined-minerals. It is especially embraced by those with combination skin and feels light as a feather. Currently available in 8 shades.


Shade Descriptions 

Jennifer: Golden slight tan base 

Kate: Slightly tan base

Rosalina: Fuller medium with slight olive undertone

Lisa: Light medium with a slight yellow undertone 

Rachel: Light with a slight yellow undertone 

Leisha: Pale with slight yellow undertone

Mia: Very pale with slightly pink undertone 

Norma: Deep golden with cool undertones

Tracey:  Deep hue with slightly cool undertones 
Pam: Medium dark with slight red undertones 
Margot: Medium dark with a slightly yellow base 
Sarah: Deep caramel tone 

Sappho Essential Foundation

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