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At Blush we have always held our pink door open for the Men of Regina and have always carried lines catering specifically to men's facial care, hair and body care.

Just in time for Movember and Christmas gift giving we are so excited to welcome our Beard Oil - Classic scent into the store.

Made with all natural products and lightly scented with essential oils it will moisturize and soften facial hair while nourishing the skin.


Head to our Instagram to watch our quick video but keep these important steps in mind when using beard oil.

> Beard oil is best applied after washing your face with warm water or stepping out of the shower. Hair and skin follicles are open at this time and absorb the product better.

> Make sure that facial hair is not soaking wet though- you'll want to towel dry until most of the moisture is out.

>We recommend 2-3 drops but if you've got a beard or mustache to be proud of or one you've grown for years you may want to use up to 7-8 drops. Think soft and touchable, but not greasy !

>Now you've got a beard and mustache that anyone would be willing to touch. Be proud.

Our Beard oil can be found in the storefront at 3126 13th Ave or on our website at

We also have several other men's products in store from shaving razors to facial care from lines like Triumph Disaster and Jack Black. The fantastic stylists in our studio, some of who specialize in Barbering cuts offer men and boys cuts or colors and in the New Year some Hot Shaves. Be sure to sign up for our emails and keep an eye on our socials for when those will be available.

- Love Blush

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