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Pre Wedding Hair and Makeup Prep

Your wedding day is arriving soon! You've put in all the planning, the diy-ing and scheduled every possible thing so that you can sit back and enjoy the special moments. You've booked your hair, your makeup, your photographer and everything feels ready.

The Blush Team loves spending your special day with you. We love making sure you're comfortable in our space and with our team and strive to offer you a stress free morning of Beauty Services.

Your beauty routine leading up to your day is just as important as the talent of your makeup and hair artists, so we want to give you some tips to ensure your skin feels good, your hair cooperates and you have minimal black circles under those eyes.


from Makeup Artist and Skincare Specialist Lauren


Months before your big day:

Develop a skincare regimen - if you need help with this feel free to reach out for recommendations on products or skincare treatment recommendations.

Must have products:

Toner to balance your skins PH for optimal product absorption :

We recommend the Dr. Hauschka Toner.

Night Creams/Serums with hyaluronic acid

Eye Cream

Oils - The correct oil depends on your skins needs and goals and it is recommended to get a facial to determine this.

Weeks before your big day:

Eat healthier, cut out sugar, junk food, etc! Drink more water and exercise daily - your skin will be brighter, healthier and more plump.

This is also a great time to think about removing any unwanted facial hair. Threading provides a gentle hair removal that shouldn't cause irritation or breakouts. It is recommended one to two weeks before your day to avoid skin irritation from makeup placed on the fresh skin.

Our threader is in Wednesday evenings between 4-7. Appointments can be made online or give us a call to book. We also offer Tints as well.

Days before your big day:

Stick strictly to your regimen, this is not the time to try new products or cherry pick. Stick to what works in order to avoid reactions or breakouts.

Do a mask, use hydrating products and avoid chocolate and greasy foods to ensure you don't break out. Message us for recommendations on Masks available in store.

ON your big day:

Cleanse your face thoroughly in the morning and gently exfoliate, followed by a light day moisturizer like the Hauschka Rose Cream Light.

Exfoliation will create the perfect canvas for your foundation, and your makeup artist will love you for it!

And make sure you drink lots of water on the day of so your skin is plump and does not appear dehydrated.


from Hair Stylist Erica


MONTHS before your big day:

Months ahead of your wedding is when you should consider making any BIG changes to your hair whether it's color or cut. Change can sometimes take some time to get used to, to feel lived in and be comfortable with. We recommend if you are hoping to be a high lift blonde or need a color correction that you begin to chat with your personal stylist or one of our talented team members months in advance to help set your hair on the right track for your wedding day. A High Lift Blonde or color correction can take 2-4 sessions to achieve depending on the hair so planning ahead is crucial.

If you don't have a regular stylist feel free to reach out to us and we can set you up an appointment with one of our staff!

Unless you are a color or cut Chameleon ( aka someone who changes their hair frequently and it is a part of their style as a whole) you shouldn't consider any drastic changes right before your wedding. Don't let any of that pre-wedding stress make you believe you need bangs !

WEEKS before your big day :

Stick with a Hair routine in the weeks before your wedding. Consider adding in a shine or moisture treatment once a week to enhance the quality of your hair and keep it hydrated and without damage leading up to the day. Avoid tight ponytails and very hot tools that may cause breakage.

We recommend the Television Masque from R&CO, NEW Teacup Detox Rinse from R&Co or the Olaplex Line all available in store.

Book your final hair appointments including a Color touchup or tone and trim. We advise keeping your color appointments to atleast a week or longer from the wedding day as hair doesn't tend to cooperate as nicely when it is freshly colored. If a quick tone is needed keep it about a week ahead and then try your best to not overwash your hair.