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Dream Hair

Dream Hair with R&Co's NEW On A Cloud

We attribute stress to our mind, but our hair also experiences stress—think: chemical irritants (bleach, relaxers, perms) and even styling (heat, too much product, over-cleansing, etc.). Such stressors can break the integral bonds that hold together keratin protein, hair’s building blocks. Break those bonds and hair becomes weakened, dull and/or thin.
- R&Co

This brand new Collection from R&Co features a Oil Repair Shampoo, Oil Repair Masque and a Splash On Styler all containing Baobab Oil. The Baobab Tree is also known as the Tree of Life in Africa and can live for us to 3000 years. Women in Africa have turned to the benefits of the Baobab Fruit as a natural source for Beauty and Health Benefits for years.

How to Use:

Oil Repair Shampoo... Apply a small amount of shampoo to hands and disperse through hair focusing at the scalp first then midshaft, then ends. Remember that the entire R&Co range of shampoos only suds up minimally and do not require a soapy feel to cleanse properly.

Oil Repair Masque... Apply after you have shampooed. Disperse through the ends first and work your way up to the scalp. Leave for at least 5 minutes or more for a deep repair. Be sure to rinse the masque off as it is not a leave in conditioner.

Splash On Styler... The Splash On Styler is a leave in styler providing shine, softness and repair all day long! Spritz evenly on damp hair. Comb through and style as usual!

Get this look

1. Use On The Cloud Oil Repair System from Shampoo to Splash On Styler

2. Comb through the hair

3. Gently diffuse or airdry hair

4. Define curls with Aircraft Mousse on freshly dried hair or second day as a refresher!


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