Pucker Up Beauties 💋

We LOOOVVEEE a good lip and unfortunately these days there's just not enough occasions to be seen with that bright Red or Pink Lip. SOOO in the spirit of February we thought we'd make a guide to the Best Lip Products for your Dating Life in 2021.


Pickle & Bee Natural Lip Scrub. One opened container showing creaming product. One pink label "Very Berry" sugar lip scrub. One green packaing, Margarita sugar lip scrub.
Natural Lip Scrub in Margarita and Very Berry

We believe there's a lip for every occasion and the dating game is no exception. Add in the curveballs 2020 threw into that scene and the fact that our scrunchies and joggers have become wardrobe staples we thought you could use some color in your life.

So we had some fun and got a little cheekie pairing together our Lip Products to which stage of dating they'd pair with the best.

GRLBoss Demi Matte Lip in "Sassy" .... Perfect for that profile pic that's sure to get all the right attention! Pair with a Natural Eye and a killer set of Brows using the Amaterasu Liner in Taupe and you'll be getting messages whether you like it or not.

Australis Pigmented Lip Gloss in "BIG-BEN-EFITS" ....For your "Virtual" first Date... Bright, Fun and Totally Unrealistic for when there's a possibility of physical contact. It's the perfect pairing for a Virtual experience.

Pickle & Bee Lip Scrub in "Margarita" .... For your first meet up ... let's be honest, you'll probably be wearing your mask for most of this one so may as well get an exfoliating treatment in pre date .. and bonus.. that Margarita scent will stick with you.