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New Season, New Hair!

New Season, New Hair

Ready for winter to be over already!!? We are dreaming of warmth, sun and long days!

With Spring and Summer approaching we are also thinking Shiny, Healthy Brunettes and Beachy Sunkissed Blondes! Is this on your mind yet?

We've planned a Spring promo with you in mind and will have you on a path of getting to your summer hair goals without compromising hair health.

For the month of March and April book any cut or color service with us and take advantage of these add-ons catered to making your locks shinier and healthier.

Shine Gloss

$10-$20 added to your cut or color service

This service will add a clear shine and condition to your hair and only takes a half hour. A Refresh for your faded out color or adding an extra pop of shine to your existing natural color.

Mini Olaplex Treatment

$5 added to your cut/color or Blowout service

This service is the perfect introduction to using Olaplex. A 5 min No.2 treatment at the sink will condition your ends, help to protect against heat and chemical damage and leave your hair feeling stronger and shinier.

In Salon Olaplex Treatment

$20+ added to your cut/color or Blowout service

This service is the full in salon Olaplex experience. Have your stylist add Olaplex No.1 to your color or highlights, or just have a stand alone treatment added to your cut or Blowout.

Adding Olaplex into your colors helps to protect and repair the bonds that can lead to damage and breakage. It is also a great treatment for those with natural or artificial curls or those with severe heat or chemical damage.

*Olaplex is a great start. Other protein or moisture treatments should be used in addition to the No.3 to maintain great hair health and ensure your hair goals can be attained. Ask your stylist! *

Choose one or Both add - ons and let us know you'd like to have them at your next appointment! See you Soon

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