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Hair and Makeup Myths BUSTED.

We hear a lot of common myths about Hair and Makeup during our wedding season so we wanted to set the record straight on a few of them. These are of according to our own expertise of course, they mean no offense to anyone who has sat in our chairs and we would never want to make you feel silly for thinking them so please... just read, learn a little something and then feel free to spill the tea to all your friends!

MYTH #1 - "Hair Curls "Best" when it is DIRTY"

We want this one to go viral Beauties! This one is FALSE. We want your hair to be Clean (as in day before or morning of ) and completely DRY! A blank canvas is so much easier for us to build from and we've got great products to help us "grit" things up if we need!

Our stylists really love seeing our brides the day before their wedding for a Blowout if we can! BUT we get that there's a busy day happening and lots of planning to do so give it a wash the day before and then leave your hair down in natural fall with minimal product.

MYTH #2 - "I should amp up my skincare before the wedding"

Another FALSE Beauties. Take it easy on the skincare! Basic rule of thumb.. Don't go changing right before your big day.. or even the weeks leading up to. If your skin isn't used to what you're adding to it it might really put up a stink! And that can cause unwanted blemishes or breakouts, redness and irritation. EEK! Stick to the classic basics that our fave brand Dr. Hauschka preaches.. Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize 2 X per day and Exfoliate 1X per week! Rinse and repeat Beauties.

So stick to your regular routine, drink lots of water and be sure to be cleansing that makeup off after the rehearsal party :)

MYTH #3 "I should plan my hair removal for the week before the special day"

Definitely plan for that Facial Hair removal but make it at least a week ahead of the big day! Waxing especially can cause that fresh skin to be prone to irritation, redness and even just make it really difficult for makeup to seamlessly blend properly.

Skip the wax all together and try Threading instead! It's gentler to the skin and a very effective form of hair removal. Our in house threader is around Wednesday's and is currently offering Eyebrow threading only. Book Online to grab a spot.

MYTH #4 "I need very long hair to have an upstyle"

So False... you don't need to do anything you don't want to when it comes to your special day! And if that means that you don't want to keep growing your hair out just to achieve a certain style then please.... STOP! OR have a quick chat with the stylist doing your hair the day of. You might be surprised what they are able to achieve with shorter hair. Or you may realize that it's really more of a vibe you're wanting and shorter hair would suit you better. Either way know that you need to be YOU the day of your wedding or special event. If you force something you'll look back years later and wish you hadn't just for a "lewk". BE YOU. That's our very best advice.

MYTH #5 "I should look like myself on my special day and not amp up my look at all"

TRUE!! This one we completely back Beauties. We want you to feel like YOU on your special day. if that means minimal makeup and hair that's more of a natural look then let us enhance exactly that for you!

We believe your makeup should look natural, flawless and enhance your features. That's why we suggest our Airbrush option. It keeps your foundation light while still having full coverage without that "caked on" look.

We believe your hair should represent YOU whether that's Up, Down, Short or Long. Having a classic look will keep you loving your photos for years to come.

What are some Myths you've been told or heard over the years? We'd love to help bust them for you. Reach out via our website or socials for inquiries about how to prepare for your special day! We are experts when it comes to Hair and Makeup for your wedding, grad, headshots, special occassions or just day to day looks. We'd love to connect.

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