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What is a Makeup and Hair 101 Lesson?

Gift Certificates make a really great gift for anyone interested in Hair and Makeup. Our signature 101's are a great way to spend those Gift Certificates.

So what's in a Makeup and Hair 101 Lesson and why should you consider booking?

Makeup and Hair 101 Lessons are very fun and we very much enjoy spending this time with our clients. They are a great opportunity to freshen up your current routine or just learn the basics if you don't have much of a routine. They make great gifts for someone special in your life and would make a wonderful Mother's Day Treat.. (hint hint)!

We do lessons for teenagers all the way to mature clients and have many clients who come every couple of years to refresh things. We know that makeup and hair routines often change throughout our years due to age, trends or health issues. We are here to support any age in helping you feel your absolute best self.


from Makeup Artist and Owner Krista Stevenson

  • Good Skin Care can completely change your makeup routine. Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing 2X per day keeps your skin at it's best so that any amount of makeup looks flawless. And always remember to wash makeup off before bed! Your skin will thank you. We carry Hauschka Products for Beautifully natural looking skin. Dr. Hauschka skincare is a Natural Organic Line created from raw materials from around the world.

  • Using a Primer is important for long lasting results. Face Primer before foundation and Eyeshadow Primer before shadows. Our favorites are the Sappho Primer and the Australis Eyeshadow Primer.

  • Putting Concealer on AFTER your foundation!! Who knew, RIGHT? This is always a great takeaway for our clients. Use a small amount just where you need it and then set with powder. Our favorite concealer is the Sappho Cream Concealer, a little goes a very long way!

For recommendations Just for YOU contact the store to book in with Krista.


from Hairstylist and Owner Erica Hillier

  • You're likely washing your hair too much! We always start right at the beginning when we chat Hair in our 101 Lesson and often many issues are caused by either Over Washing or using cleanser that's not right for your hair. Our favorite combo for someone looking to switch to a great Shampoo and Conditioner is the Television line from R&Co. We also have 4 different R&Co Dry shampoos to get you from 2 day Oily to week long Blowout Queen.

  • Treat your Hair like your Skin! If your skincare routine contains 3-4 products.. so should your hair routine. (If your skincare routine contains none.. book a Makeup 101 too.. hehe ) Your hair will look shinier, less frizzy and behave better (think curls that stay, volume that lasts, etc. ) if you are adding in products that give your hair "memory". We LOVE our R&Co line of products but our Favorite go to's are the Waterfall Moisture and Shine Lotion and Grid Structural Setting Spray.

  • You're likely Blow Drying wrong... Most people hit that hair with their Blow Dryer while it's way to wet. We suggest adding in some product when your hair is very wet to help condition, then wrap it in a Microfiber towel or just air dry until it's about 80% dry before you start to style. Then make sure your hair is 100% Dry when you're all finished. This will help volume stay and the ends to not become frizzy as the day goes on.

For recommendations Just for YOU book in with Erica for a lesson or follow her on her Instagram or FB Pages for tons of tips and Blog Posts for your best hair at home.

"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed our Makeup session. Great to do something that was safe and felt NORMAL!"

- Denise Batters, Regina, SK.

For more tips and specific recommendations for YOU book in with us for a Hair or Makeup 101 Lesson. Expect to be with us for about an hour and come with questions, tools and products that you have questions about or are not sure how to use properly. We are happy to walk you through your own products and make recommendations for purchase at the store.

We are currently offering both In Person or Virtual Appointments. If you are wanting a virtual appointment get in touch with us directly to arrange a time or indicate in your online booking. We can also arrange a group lesson by request.


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