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Spring Hair and Makeup Favorites

Its finally feeling like Spring Beauties.

Season changes are a great time to clean out your hair and makeup kits, refresh and switch up products. So here are our favorite picks for Spring.


Trial size box set from Hauschka. When seasons change so does our skin's needs. This is a great way to try out new products without the commitment of the larger bottles. The kit for Normal Skin includes Cleansing Cream, Facial Toner and Quince Day Cream. The kit for Sensitive Combination Skin includes Cleansing Cream, Clarifying Toner and Melissa Day Cream.


CC Cream from Sappho. Spring and Summer are a really great time to lighten up your makeup routine and let you natural skin glow through. CC Creams do a great job at blending imperfections while still feeling light and transparent on the skin. Available in 4 shades this mousse like formula is beautiful to apply on the skin and a little goes a very long way.


Texture is going to be a huge trend this Spring and Summer so having some products on hand to help bring out either your natural texture or enhance a curling iron or flat iron set is a great addition to your product line up.

Aircraft Pomade Mousse from R&Co can be added into wet or dry hair and left to air dry to enhance your natural texture. Applying a bit to your hands and scrunching it into already curled hair will help add some hold and give some movement.

Finish it off

Lip Gloss.. light and subtle or bold and shiny our Lip Gloss made exclusively for us by Lip Republic is a great addition to your purse. Wear it on it's own for a light and subtle shimmer or layer it over your favorite shade for a bolder, shinier look.

Out with the Old

Refreshing your makeup bag with a few new brushes is an easy way to feel like you've upgraded. Often consumers are simply using their fingers or brushes that came with their palettes and it just doesn't work as good!

Get the most out of your products by using brushes created for the products. Our favorites include a flat top foundation brush, eyebrow brush and angled brushes for applying details.

Available for purchase in store.

Questions about your makeup or hair routine? Or looking to switch into some new products. Book a 101 with us and have a professional hairstylist or makeup artist walk you through your routine. It's a great way to learn some new techniques, get answers to those crazy myths and try out our product lines. You can book there here or send us a message for availabilities.

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