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Why Size Matters...

We know especially in the current economic client our customers are looking for value when you're purchasing from us. Often size matters when you're considering purchasing beauty products. We hear "that bottle is so small" quite often when it comes to both hair and skincare products so we're here to explain why.. and it's not because we're trying to rip you off, we promise!

The answer is simple Beauties and can be summed up in one word... CONCENTRATED. The bigger the bottle, the more ingredient fillers and water are present. Professional high quality brands use less filler, less water and so what ends up in the bottle is high quality ingredients only meaning you need to be using MUCH LESS.

A little goes a long way...

When it comes to both hair and makeup products of high quality a very little goes a long ways so refrain from over using. A good rule of thumb is to always start with less then you think and then add more if needed.

Unsure how much? Book in for a Hair or Makeup 101 and get expert advice form our team. We are also always available via email and our social media DM's.

Just add water...

Feel like you are burning through your shampoo? Try adding more water to your hair after you've massaged the shampoo in a bit. This will help reinvigorate the shampoo product and you'll find it suds up a little again. OR try using about a dime size ( for avg hair ), massaging it into your scalp, adding some water, massaging again. Then rinse and repeat the process with the same amount or less of shampoo. DO NOT JUST ADD MORE PRODUCT.

For your facial products, applying them when your skin is moist is the best way to use a very little and have it distribute evenly. Using a toner also helps prep the skin so less moisturizer is needed and should be an absolute add on to your skincare routine.

Seeing Green...

The beauty industry is quickly going green and that means Eco friendly packaging .. which means things will get smaller and smaller and the products themselves will become as concentrated as possible.

In the next few years all beauty brands will start creating more products that need to be activated by adding water ( think shampoo & conditioner bars like our friends at Pickle & Bee have already mastered ) and clean conscious packaging that is refillable with individual products like our friends at Sappho who make eye and face palettes that are 100% refillable, reusable and recyclable.

We love being ahead of the game and are proud to say that Sappho, R&Co, Pickle & Bee and Hauschka are leaders in the industry when it comes to Eco conscious beauty. All these brands are available in our store on 13th and online.

Want more info on any of the products we've mentioned or have questions about using your professional beauty products? BOOK IN with us for a Hair or Makeup 101 or send us an email, DM or pop by the store to chat.

Love, Blush

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