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Date Night In

Likely you're getting pretty sick of staying in... Us too....

BUT when it comes to Valentines we think it might be the coziest place to be! We thought we'd give you a few tips to Glam up a bit for a night in with your significant other... or a dinner out (or virtually ) with your Besties! In the age of Lockdowns and Masks, putting on a little Makeup has become infrequent so dust off those palettes, pour yourself a cup of tea or a glass of wine and Get Ready With Us!

While we can't promise you'll be transformed into Donnelyn ( our model ) we can assure you that these techniques can work for everyone's hair and makeup! If you have questions on how to adapt it to your needs message us or better yet... Book a 101 and we'll give you a customized look just for you.


Step 1 - Cleanse, Moisturize and apply your base of foundation or cc cream. ( We recommend Sappho Essential Foundation ... Light on the skin with full coverage)

Step 2 - BROWS

Using the Amaterasu Liquid Brow Liner, a tint like brow liner, fill in sparse areas of the brow with precision. If needed use the Amaterasu Eyeliner in Chestnut in an upwards motion to give the impression of brow hairs in any areas where there is natural brows lacking.

Step 3 - THOSE EYES!

Hot tip... EYES are SPEAKING for us behind those masks so it's such a great time to enhance them.

To create a really simple eyeshadow look that's fail proof simply use your favorite Bronzer in the crease and highlighter across the lid.

Using the Amaterasu Eye Pencil in Chestnut smudge along the lash line and then follow behind with a small precision brush to blur away any imperfections. No need to get a perfect line, just get in nice and snug to those lashes.

Step 4 - LASHES

Our signature lashes in "Bombshell" finish this look off and make those eyes really feel dramatic. If you aren't a False Lash fan just use the Amaterasu Mascara for serious Volume.

Step 5 - Lips and Setting Spray

Finish the look off with a Nude Cream Lip and Setting Spray.

For some extra fun and recommends Check out our Blog Post on Lip Products to pair with your Dating life!


For your Date Night In Hair think UNDONE texture, hair down look. Skip the shampoo and blowout and just focus on absorbing that oil with a bit of Dry Shampoo ( our favorite for Texture is R&Co Death Valley, for Mega Dirty hair-- R&Co Skyline )

Make sure you have protected your hair with some heat protection. We've used R&Co Grid and recommend applying the product to damp hair and Blow Drying in. It will add some additional heat protection on dry hair but it does it's best work prepped into the hair!

Using your flat iron work through your hair in horizontal sections about 2-4 inches wide ( don't think perfection here.. just like the finished look you want this to feel imperfect ) Starting a few inches away from your scalp and holding your iron in a horizontal position start "waving" your iron down the hair strand. Creating an S bend turn the iron one way and then back the other way. Work all the way down the hair strand and then gently lay the hair down and let the strand cool.

Using your hands as tools apply the R&Co Sandcastle for a beachy, undone look and texture. Rub the product in at your scalp for some extra volume and scrunch through the ends until the desired look is achieved.

Pull your look together with your favorite pair of jeans or that dress that has no where to go anymore! For a visual check out the Video.

Let us know if you loved this look and what you'd like to see next.


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